Hydrogen Peroxide For HPV

genital warts
genital warts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HPV is the most common STD, especially among college-aged people. Symptoms don’t appear until 3 weeks-several months after exposure, but HPV is most contagious during the pre-symptomatic stage. The warts are usually painless and may even look like bumps. They may be seen anywhere.

Women commonly get warts on the bottom of the vaginal opening, labia, vulva, inside the vagina, on the cervix, or around the anus.

genital warts
genital warts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In men warts appear on the head of the penis , often under the foreskin, on the shaft, or sometimes on the scrotum.

Although you should consult a qualified doctor to understand fully the implications of the infection and how helpful treatment will be for you, there are home remedies out on the internet also that take advantage of hydrogen peroxide.

Home Remedies To Treat HPV With Hydrogen Peroxide

Most home remedies involving hydrogen peroxide advise you to apply hydrogen peroxide to the warts with a q – tip every night and let the wart come off by itself. Other home remedies are based on hydrogen peroxide douche.

The Best Way To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For HPV And Warts – 1 Minute Cure Book

However, the best way to treat HPV with Hydrogen Peroxide is described in the 1 Minute Cure Book which gives complete protocols for using Hyrdogen Peroxide to treat a large number of diseases including HPV and warts.

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Below are the top brands of the food grade hydrogen peroxide: